A Decade of
Charitable Action

Ten years ago we created the Pictet Group Charitable Foundation as the institutional platform for Pictet’s philanthropy. A total of 42million Swiss francs has since been donated to charities worldwide. In the coming years, the Partners intend to give still greater weight to our philanthropic activities with a focus on the environment.
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rodental inspection saves human lives

Based in Tanzania, APOPO trains giant pouched rats to detect two different threats to human life: landmines and tuberculosis. The rats have helped destroy 19,650 landmines and increased tuberculosis detection rates by 40%.

Race for Water

putting plastic waste to work in Santo Domingo

Race for Water aims to identify, promote and help implement solutions that give end-of-life plastics economic and social value in less privileged societies. Pictet’s donation supports a project to install a plant that turns plastic into energy-rich gas. This self-sustaining model will create local jobs and turn waste into an energy source.


million tonnes (mt) in 2014

Sources: PlasticsEurope and
Science Advances

Mercy Ships

floating solution for African patients

Mercy Ships operates floating hospitals to improve access to surgical healthcare for people living along the African coasts. The hospital ships are staffed by qualified volunteers, including surgeons. The Africa Mercy is the largest non-governmental hospital ship in existence.


simulating research for paraplegic A collaboration between Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) investigating chronic paraplegia treatment achieved a breakthrough, enabling three patients to take steps again. The hope is the new method will allow paraplegic patients to regain full use of their legs.

Prix de Lausanne

making dance dreams come true

Prix de Lausanne is one of the world’s most prestigious ballet competitions. This year, Pictet was able to make the dream come true of two young dancers - one from Brazil and a second from Argentina - to compete in Lausanne.


% breakdown in 2019

Source: Prix de Lausanne

Womanity foundation

bespoke mentoring in Brazil and India

Womanity Foundation believes that empowering women drives lasting social and economic development. To this end, Womanity has been running a unique programme since 2011: WomenChangeMakers, This programme supports female social entrepreneurs in Brazil and India who have created organisations that generate long-run progress for women and their communities.


building a clean energy clinic in Madagascar

A charity founded to reforest Madagascar built a solar power plant that provides enough energy for a clinic and eight surrounding villages. The patient numbers for the clinic, launched in May 2018, are so high that EcoFormation is already planning more similar projects.


From aerial photographs

Source: US Climate Change Science Program
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